Shoemaking Courses





APRIL 25-28 2019

Thursday & Friday: 10am -5pm Saturday & Sunday: 1-5pm


The courses are divided into 3 sections. Paternmaking, Uppermaking and Lasting. Students will have the opportunity to learn all 3 during the 4 day intensive course.


Patternmaking Class

This course will teach you the process of developing your designs from 2D concept drawings to 3D, then back to 2D flat patterns. This includes taping, last measuring, and base pattern development.

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Upper Construction Class

In this first section of the course, you will focus on Cutting, Skiving and assembling the upper as well as all the components needed to start lasting.

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Lasting & Assembly Class

In this section you will learn how to last your upper onto your shoe last and assemble all components together to create your final shoe. This course will cover pre-molding Counters and outsoles, lasting and finishing.


Course Cost



All materials are included in the price of the course. Uppers are pre-made and made of 100% Pure leather. Standard heels and soles are provided.



To begin the first class you will need a Shoe Last. We have whole sizes ranging from US 5-9 for heels flats, US 37-47 for Sneakers, US 8-12 for Mens for use during class. If you would like to keep a last it will cost $200. Custom Lasts are $300. Custom lasts take 2 weeks to arrive. Our lasts will come in your desired US size. Heels are 90mm (3.54") high.


For instructions on how to measure your foot for custom lasts please click here.


If you would like to participate in the classes or take the course please click the button below and we will send instructions on payment. Once your payment is processed you will be automatically enrolled and can schedule your first class. Classes are one on one until further notice and are held weekends only. 





3D Design and Patternmaking


Please inquire for schedule