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My name is Miguel. I have started this site to share my passion for shoemaking and develop a community of supporting and passionate people that want to learn and keep this amazing craft alive.


I have been a Fashion Designer for more than 15 years. I started designing for Celebrities and bigger corporations soon after I graduated from Fashion School in Miami. I soon moved to Texas to open my own business. After a few years I had moved to designing for private investors and creating complete fashion lines as a Creative Director. In 2013 I moved to Los Angeles and met my girlfriend Ruby and started a manufacturing apparel company with her. We have now help not only major retailers like Zara, Anthropology and Nasty Gal but also local start up designers to produce their clothing here in California.

My passion has always been apparel and my extensive background in this industry has carried me over the leather goods side. I started designing shoes 10 years ago but I never knew how to make a pair until 6 years ago when I learned from a Master Shoemaker in New York. I learned how to construct a pair from scratch and my quest and obsession began. I have developed relationships over the past 6 years with the best footwear manufacturers in China and Mexico. This love for this craft has lead me to learn and appreciate the complexity and beauty of this craft. Now I want to share my knowledge and help others create their dream shoes and grow a community that will help spread the word on how feasible it can be to create something out of your imagination.


Footwear Development & Production

With over 40 years of experience in the footwear industry, we can help you develop any design from concept to final prototype. Our Domestic and International production capacity can produce 200-5000 pairs per day.


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These courses are intended to teach the basic patternmaking and construction technique of a shoe by the Cemented method. This method is most commonly used in professional European companies for constructing professional high-end footwear. At the end of the course, you will not only acquire the knowledge of making a pair of shoes but a personalized pair in your own size.



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